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Planning and Preparation

  • Begin early. Form a VICTIMS OF PORNOGRAPHY AWARENESS MONTH committee within your organization; set goals and objectives for increasing awareness of pomography's victims during the month of May.
  • Contact other related local organizations (including child abuse, adult survivors of incest and sexual abuse, rape crisis and domestic violence centers, pro-family and Christian groups) and create a coalition. Find out what other local organizations might do to assist in commemorating the month collectively or individually.
  • Choose a theme to commemorate the four-week national outline. Think of ways to reach out and work together to address the harms or pornography and the needs of pomography's victims. Update your mailing lists. For example --board members, donors, local service organizations, media, public officials, places of worship, and schools.
  • Acquaint spokesperson(s) for your organization with the most recent statistics on pornography, rape, molestation etc. Be sure you and/or your spokesperson know state and local statistics with sources and specific information about your organization -it's goals, activities, accomplishments, and supporters and how this month relates to your overall objectives.
  • Give Spokesperson(s) all current local newspaper articles or other relevant literature on related topics (i.e., latest molester convicted while using pornography, amicus briefs, etc.).
  • Use materials that clearly identify who you are and how people can get in touch with you.  Is your name and logo, telephone, fax, e-mail and address on your stationery and/or other printed materials?
  • Enlist businessmen, clergy, politicians (state, county, public officials), law enforcement, civic and victim groups to agree to put their name on the side of your letterhead to show the broad support of victims of pornography month.
  • Design a logo or ask someone artistic to help design a logo to go on all of your letterhead, envelopes, and brochures of events. This logo will help people identify victims of pornography month by seeing this on all communications.
  • Prepare a resource list of community organizations/agencies that provide information, counseling, self-help programs, etc. Increased public awareness often results in requests for referral to services. 
  • Form a media advisory committee to work with your organization to help plan media activities and opportunities for May, and possibly throughout the year.
  • Localize the national media campaign materials and efforts as much as possible. Make sure you coordinate with your state or national organization to ensure everyone is aware of your activities and interests and to assure no conflict with organization's plans, the goal being to present a unified effort.
  • Contact relevant state departments of children and family services, or state's department of mental health or the equivalent. Inform them that May has been designated NATIONAL VICTIMS OF PORNOGRAPHY AWARENESS MONTH. Offer information, and find out ways to possibly work together.
  • Create a good supply of necessary publications and brochures available during this period of heightened awareness for distribution.

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