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  • Sponsor a "march to your state's capitol" to focus attention on pornography's victims. Or, march to your local City Hall.
  • Get local political leaders including the Governor to declare May as VICTIMS OF PORNOGRAPHY AWARENESS MONTH (see sample proclamation enclosed). This could possibly be read at the state capitol after a rally or march.  Also could be incorporated into any event planned.
  • Find a sponsor and get him/her to introduce any necessary legislation in your state in May.
  • Contact local and national politicians during May. Find out what bills relating to the pornography issue have been introduced and let your political leaders know your views.
  • Contact and thank local and national politicians for past votes supporting your position (even though it may be way after the fact).  Remember, they rarely get thanked for doing something right -usually only criticized when voting wrong or hear nothing when voting correctly.
  • Contact/write to thank and support local prosecutors and law enforcement officials.

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