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  • Consider dividing Victims of pornography month into 4 weeks; each week focusing on a different aspect of the harms of pornography. Here are some suggestions:
    • Week 1) Focus on how pornography plays a role in sexual violence, have several victims of sexual abuse come forward and share their stories. Also have victim groups such as rape crisis centers, and child protection agencies speak out on the issue. Have public officials share their support of standing up for the innocent.
    • Week 2) Focus on the harm to women. Do a Moms against porn week: Have women tell how pornography hurts them and their daughters. Also have a petition stating the purpose of moms against porn. Then purchase a full page ad in the local newspaper. Also have a letter writing campaign to all the local businesses who rent or sell pornography. Have women talk to store owners about how they feel when the owners are making a profit at the expense of women's dignity.
    • Week 3) This week focus on the effects pornography has on children. Have the community cry out for stronger legislation, tougher enforcement and prosecution for sex offenders. Letters to the editor will help keep the issue in the front of the community's eyes. Write an op ed piece in the local newspaper on the rights of children to grow up in innocence and laughter. Write letters to key leaders in the community as well as county, state and federal officials who have not been in support of the rights of victims.
    • Week 4) Focus on men and their sons.  The first part of the week you have Men coming out week. Find men in your community, if possible, who have credible stories on how pornography has harmed their lives. Have these men, as well as others, write letters to the editor. Work to get these men to do radio and television interviews sharing their stories. Have men speak on how pornography caused harm to them when they were young boys, and the effect that it had on them in those early developmental stages. Dad's against porn:  The next possibility is to commemorate Fathers Day early and communicate why, as a father, pornography concerns you.  Make up a petition stating what you believe pornography does to our kids and that you are taking a stand.  Take the petition around to all the dads in your community who will sign their names to it.  Then take the petition to the local newspaper and purchase a full page ad with all the names on it. It is important to get names of community , business and  religious leaders, celebrities, and public officials who will get on board.

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