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You CAN Make a Difference

Congratulations! You have just taken an important step towards a safer, cleaner community. Your involvement will positively affect the lives of many people within your community.

Pornographers want you to believe that their business is a victimless crime. This is simply not true. Pornography degrades and exploits the women and children who appear in it, and ultimately it also damages the lives of those who view it. Studies indicate that these materials have a tremendous negative influence on the attitudes and behavior of habitual users.

This website contains information describing the link between pornography and sexual exploitation and violence. By studying this information you will gain a better understanding of pornography s potential to victimize anyone within your community. Understanding the issues will enhance your efforts to serve all of pornography's victims.

This information will also give you the tools you need to speak out against exploitive and abusive pornography in your community. Let your voice be heard - YOU can make a difference!

 Here are just a few ideas.....

Email Us at victims@afo.net

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