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There are literally millions of victims of pornography - and each story is a little different. We've tried to collect some testimonies from some victims of pornography in various walks of life. We hope that you will be encouraged to seek help if you too are a victim of pornography


Children are perhaps the most innocent of all the victims of pornography. Read these personal experiences about how devastating pornography is to children.

Former Porn Addicts

Pornography is addicting - it ruins homes, relationships, careers and lives. These testimonies of former porn addicts tell of the compelling addiction that almost ruined their lives - and how they found recovery.

Mothers of Children Exposed to Porn

When children are exposed to pornography, it is not only the child who suffers, but often it is the whole family. Read about some of the experiences of Mothers of Children Exposed to Pornography.

Pornography And The Sex Offender

Studies have clearly identified pornography as one of the major contributing factors to the behavior of sex offenders. Read some of these compelling testimonies.

Wives of Porn Addicts

The husband/wife relationship is a very special and a very fragile relationship. Pornography always destroys this relationship in one way or another. Read about the stories of wives whose husbands were addicted to pornography.


Women are victims of pornography no matter what form it takes. These women have shared their experiences in these testimonies. If you are a woman being victimized by pornography, you can get help!

Women In The Sex Industry

Women in the sex industry itself are also victims of pornography. The degradation and humiliation is incredible. Read about it.

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