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Victims of Pornography Campaign

Pornography and sexual addiction are effecting our families, friends, communities and our self worth. These victims could be: women being treated as mere sex objects, daughters with a loss of innocence, children abused, and men and women who feel trapped.

The 1986 Attorney General's Commission on Pornography detailed the harm with many victims' testimonies.  The number of victims continues to increase.   

As pro-family groups representing over 30 million families met to discuss the issue of pornography in America today, we could not forget the many victims. Many of these pro-family groups decided to recognize these victims during the month of May each year through a variety of efforts.  These could include radio spots, newsletter articles, press releases, and distribution of victim assistance telephone numbers for those who need help.

A national press conference was held  in Washington, DC.  Members of the Congress, national pro-family organizations, and victims of pornography will be present.  

We encourage media, elected officials, churches, and pro-family organizations, and individuals, to recognize the victims of pornography as real hurting people by bringing light to this growing issue across our country. Please consider hosting an event, giving interviews, writing editorials, sending press releases, or participating in talk shows about the victims during the month of May each year.

Our hope is to:

  • Educate and create awareness that there are real victims of pornography.
  • Show true compassion to those victims who are seeking help by giving them the resources and avenues they desperately need.
  • Change the attitude and heart of America toward the many visible and hidden victims of pornography. 

Victims Assistance:

Thank you for your support!  For more information contact:

Victims of Pornography

Putting a FACE to the Victims

Who are they?

  • Women -- A teenage girl walks down the street and becomes the victim of a man who sees her as a mere sex object after viewing pornography.  He whistles, makes inappropriate sexual comments and gestures, then proceeds to rape her.  Wives who are lonely and betrayed, made to feel disrespected, displeasing, unattractive, dehumanized and unworthy she never quite measures up, no matter how hard she tries.  Her husband proceeds to masturbate to a "paper woman" she can never be.  A Girlfriend who ends up used and abused by a man she doesn't really know because he is unable to have a loving relationship with her.  She is unaware of his double life; the man she knows and the man she may never know the man trapped in a secret life of addiction to pornography.  Women in the "Industry" who dance, pose and do what it takes to survive.  She can't seem to escape the cheap, "dirty" feelings she has after performing.  These women are trapped in an industry that holds them captive. 
  • Children -- Boys and girls used for sexual pleasure by fathers, stepfathers, grandparents, and family members, as well as unsuspecting others in their communities.  These perpetrators often use pornography before preying on the children.  These little ones loose their innocence because of distorted thoughts of sexuality after being abused.  Their childlike innocence is also stolen by distorted thoughts of sexuality after finding and using pornography at an early age.  There are children who have been victimized by adults whose business it is to photograph them for the sexual arousal of depraved grown-ups. 
  • Men --  Fathers, Husbands, Pastors, College Students, Businessmen, and Blue-collar workers, who are controlled by the images of pornography engraved in their minds forever, in most cases from years of addiction.  Men who, because of their addiction and distorted ideas of intimacy, have in many cases have lost their families, jobs, and self respect.  Most of these men are unaware that there is help available and even worse are not interested in help.
  • Society -- An entire generation of people, who in many instances have become desensitized and robbed of decency, conscience, morality and compassion for others.  The situation can be attributed to the secular media who is confused about First Amendment rights. Therefore, society is often unaware that innocent people are hurt and becoming victims of pornography.  The general public is unaware that the skyrocketing number of people who are effected in their own neighborhoods by rape, molestation, disrespect and crime is, in most part, due to the tidal wave of pornography and sexually oriented businesses in their community.

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