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Children Are Victims Of Pornography

When I was 8 years old my father made me look at pictures that showed girls doing sexual things to men in books.  I went along with him, not knowing any better.  He continued to rape me and use me for 4 years while using these books. Now at 16 I have found that I have a serious STD that has no cure. I have been with no one but my father. What will I tell my husband someday? I may die from this disease. Pornography has ruined my life.  Teenager.

I am 13 years old. You could say that I am an average teenager, except for one fact.  I am a victim of pornography. When I was very small, my real Dad sexually abused me while he was watching a pornographic video. I lost my innocence to my real Dad when he chose to use me for his own self-fulfilling needs. The things he did to me happened while he watched pornography. What did I do to deserve this? I go through times of depression, confusion, anorexia and guilt. My Mom says that it was not my fault, but still I wonder wasn't I good enough or perfect enough. I am finding that there are many others like me. People say there is no harm to pornography.  I say they are wrong.  Mississippi Teenager

The testimonies on your website really touched me. When I was 6 years old my Great Uncle started showing me pictures of men and women in all kinds of pornographic situations. As a child of divorced and busy parents I was so eager for any kind of attention I could get  - even his kind.  He started out teaching me to masturbate (so I wouldn't be physically damaged when he started to molest me).  I only saw him every other week or so but by the time I was 7 when we (my mom, my grandmother and I) moved in with him I knew everything that was in those magazines and how to do them.  He started molesting me soon after we moved in and of course he wanted to do everything that those people did.  I just tried to pretend I wasn't there. This knowledge damaged me for most of my life. We lived there for a year and I finally told a friend what was happening and she convinced me it wasn't my fault and I should tell my father.  Well my Dad got the abuse stopped by threatening to go to court with it but then finally had to take over my custody because my Mom didn't believe me and let my uncle come over to the house around me again. Through my teenage years I abused alcohol and was very promiscuous. My view of myself was very warped. I married my husband at 17 and because of this degrading view of myself I continued to abuse alcohol and started a long string of affairs. I felt I was nothing more than a hooker so I acted like one.  Well to make a long story short 7 years ago I found I was pregnant and I didn't know if it was my husband's or the other man I was seeing at the time.  I called my husband to ask him what to do (we were only a signature away from divorce) and God was in control.  This man who had seen me cheat and lie to him still didn't want a divorce.  He wanted to reconcile and raise the child together as a family. Well being responsible for someone other than myself woke me up and I was determined to be a better parent to my child than mine were. Well after another child was born 5 years ago I felt led to have my kids in church since I didn't get that privilege. 3 Sunday's later I got saved.  God has brought me through so much. My healing has been slow and painful at times but my Lord and Savior has been with me all the way.  My husband and I will be married 11 years this June and I am so glad God gave him such a loving spirit towards me. He was saved one year later and our marriage has been blessed beyond measure ever since. He has supported me and cried with me through all of my recovery. But because of pornography in the early part of his life and our marriage he struggles with an addiction to it.  Through God's grace we make it each day together. My struggles have been with unnatural feelings for other women, addiction to masturbation, feeling guilty about sex with my husband and seeing everything with a sexual agenda. God has been my strength and shield through all these things and the prayers of my family and church have brought me through. Thanks for letting me tell all of this.  I hope it helps someone else that may be going through the same thing.

Sam, a 9-year-old fourth grader, was walking home from school in Norman, Oklahoma when he was abducted and carried to a remote field.  There he had an eye gouged out and his genitals mutilated.  Following the attack, police asked merchants in Norman to pull the November/December issue of Hustler magazines from their shelves.  The porn publication had an article, which told how to gouge out an eye and how to mutilate the genitals.  The attack was an imitation of the article. Anonymous

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