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Mothers of Children Exposed to Porn

Diane Herceg, Texas

September 10, 1985

United States Justice Department Commission on Pornography


My son, Troy Daniel Dunaway, was murdered on August 6, 1981 by the greed and avarice of the publishers of Hustler Magazine. Hustler Magazine published the article "Orgasm of Death~' in its 1981 edition.  Its publishers edited the article, ilLustrated the article, distributed the article and even mailed the Brticle to my home address.

The article graphically depicted autoerotic asphyxiation.  I have attached a copy of the article to this letter.

At the time, Hustler knew or should have known that the magazine would end up in the hands of youth under the age of 18 and children.  Their own surveys showed that a portion of their mail subscribers were under the age of 18, and that the vast majority of the homes to which the magazines were mailed had children in the home.

My son read the article "Orgasm of Death", set up the sexual experiment depicted therein, followed the explicit instructions of the article, and ended up dead. He would still be alive today were he not enticed and incited into this action by Hustler Magazine's "How To Do" August 1981 article; an article which was found at his feet and which directly caused his death.

I feel these magazines should not be sold anywhere because most people do not care who buys them and will sell them to anyone just to make money.  Even if only adults buy them, they are in homes where young people can see them. Most magazine publishers will print anything just to sell the magazines; not caring what happens or who gets hurt or killed, or how many families are nearly destroyed by the effects of losing a child or a family member.

I think the government should step in and put a stop to all pornography before anfrlnore lives and families are destroyed.  I hope that the government will accept its responsibility in putting these peddlers of smut and death out of business forever.


Diane Herceg

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