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What Teens Should Know About Pornography


Gene's Introduction to Porn

I saw my first pornographic pictures when I was twelve.  My cousin and I were at my uncle's house, when I found his stash in the shed.  For many days, I spent long hours in there.

If you're a guy, then you've probably seen pornography.  Maybe a lot of it.  You probably like it. I certainly did. Before long I was trading it, stealing it and even selling it at school.

So What's so Terrible?

Of course, we all knew our parents (especially our moms) probably wouldn't like it very much.  But isn't porn just a normal part of growing up for a guy? It's almost an initiation kind of thing. I mean, we have to learn about sex somewhere, don't we?

The Big Lie

That's just the problem. Sure, porn teaches us about sex. But it teaches us lies -- and not just about sex, but about girls, marriage, kids, and ourselves. BIG lies!

Suppose you were getting ready for a real important test, like the SAT or ACT tests. You see a book in the store that promises to prepare you so you'll get a great score on the test.  So you buy it, and you study like crazy.  Then you go to take the test and you find it's totally different from what the book told you. Now you're in trouble. Not only did you waste your money -- but you're also going to fail the test.  And how do you feel about the company that took your money and sold you the worthless book?  Pretty mad, right?

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