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The Dangers of Sex Doll Addictions: How Human-Like Sex Robots Can Ruin Relationships

As technology and manufacturing abilities continue to develop and refine themselves into the future, the life-like appeal and performance of sex dolls is advancing with it. These dolls can now move, talk, and interact with individuals, programmed to help please back instead of being use as just a plain inanimate object. Men are noticing, which is why sex doll sales skyrocketed in 2018.

We’re going to look at one woman’s story below regarding the dangers of sex doll addictions, as well as how to detect if your loved one is hiding an addiction from you:

I Lost My Husband to a Sex Doll Addiction

A few years back, a sex doll commercial popped up on our TV screen one night. I didn’t think much of it as a woman since most sex dolls are catered to men. I noticed my husband was fascinated by the commercial and wanted to keep talking about it for days on end. It didn’t really alarm me or have me worried – I just figured he had a healthy interest in sex still, which is a good thing.

To me, sex dolls were just another form of a sex toy, how could they be that bad?

A few weeks went by and one day as I got home from work, I noticed my husband quickly shut off the browser on his laptop before I could see it. Again, I didn’t think much of it. This happened a few more times, however, and I started to feel like he was hiding something from me. I didn’t want to be that kind of wife, but I was starting to feel alarmed. What if he was cheating on me?

So one day, I went into his browser history just to be sure. I discovered he had visited on a number of occasions and according to his account, he had purchased 4 in the last year alone. At the same time, I was noticing a decrease in his natural libido and a lack of interest in me. We were starting to fight more, because I knew there was something he was hiding from me. He was getting defensive, and now I knew why.

Due to the realistic nature of a sex doll, psychologically, they can come close to replacing a real person sexually. Essentially, my husband was “cheating on me” with 4 different female dolls that were able to provide him with enough sexual stimulation that he no longer looked at me with a longing and an affection.

I now realize how dangerous and addictive these new sex toys can be – they can literally ruin relationships. It’s all fun and games until an actual life-like, human robot, can perform sexual pleasures and acts.

I am writing this to warn other women out there about such an addiction. Remain vigilant, because this is no laughing matter. We need to spread awareness and education on this new era of sex toys.







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