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Ask U. S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales

to make obscenity prosecution a priority

and start with Movie Gallery

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Movie Gallery video stores could be bringing hard-core pornography to your neighborhood if they are successful in acquiring the Hollywood Video store chain. In hundreds of the stores already owned by Movie Gallery, they feature back rooms stocked with racks of hard-core pornography. 

Adding nearly 2,000 more stores will put them right where they want to front of most every American family, and no doubt with a chance to expand their porn sales. It will also make an unprecedented number of neighborhoods and communities available to the pornography industry.

The issue here is law enforcement. All distribution of obscenity is illegal. Period. 

The public prosecutors you pay with your tax dollars must make the investigation and prosecution of obscenity a priority, wherever and by whomever it is distributed. 

This is not about "free speech." Obscenity is NOT protected under the First Amendment, despite years of attempts by pornographers to lower the bar. State and Federal governments have long recognized a societal interest in protecting citizens from the harms of hard-core pornography and obscenity. 

And there's the rub. The laws are on the books. But the laws are NOT being enforced!

Why else would companies like Movie Gallery or Adelphia Communications cable TV or Marriott hotels feel safe in selling hard-core pornography? Apparently, the Department of Justice has sent a message to the industry that only certain laws will be enforced. Just not obscenity laws. 

Any distributor of pornography material - from video stores, to hotels, to cable companies - needs to be held accountable if they are distributing hard-core prosecutable pornography that violates obscenity laws!

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