Focus on the Family

Focus on the Family (} is a non-profit organization in Colorado Springs, CO that is dedicated to the preservation of the family.

Since the early 1980's Focus on the Family has committed to addressing the problem of pornography and offering resources to families who have been by this problem.

Dr. Dobson, the president of Focus on the Family, is very aware of the psychological bondage and emotional pain that comes from the use of pornography because of his involvement with the Attorney General's Commission on Pornography in 1986.

Focus on the Family offers several resources for families:

One of the most requested resources is a Focus on the Family published book by Laurie Hall, entitled An Affair of the Mind. This book describes the effect pornography has on individuals, but more importantly, the effect it has on their families. This book can be ordered by calling


Focus also provides a counseling referral line.  Callers use the line to find qualified Christian professionals in their area who have experience dealing with compulsive, addictive behavior. A counselor's assistant can be reached by calling (719) 531-3400 weekdays from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM (MST).

Focus has just recently launched a new Web site called Pure Intimacy to address sexual issues. An area of that Web site is dedicated to the problem of online pornography and affairs. It can be found at