The Center For Arizona Policy

In four years of operation, The Center for Arizona Policy has contributed greatly to several significant legislative victories against obscenity and the sex club industry.

CAP attorney and First Amendment specialist Len Munsil drafted and/or lobbied the following bills, all of which passed and were signed into law:

  • 1996: Strengthening child pornography laws to overcome Arizona court decision legalizing child pornography if the victim was unaware he or she was being videotaped and was not acting in a lascivious manner.
  • 1996: Granting counties the power to licesne and regulate sexually oriented businesses
  • 1997: Providing a special monetary grant to be used by county attorneys in Arizona exclusively for the prosecution of obscenity cases.
  • 1998: Limiting the hours of operation of all sexually oriented businesses statewide to force them to close at 1 a.m.  (Litigation pending)
  • 1998: Protecting children from accessing pornographic newspapers at vending machnes by requiring tokens to be used that can only be sold to adults.
  • 1999:  Protecting children from Internet pornography that is "harmful to minors" by requiring public schools to filter all Internet connections, and requiring public libraries to implement a policy that will prevent choldren from accessing Internet pornography, either by filtering or by some other effective method.

As a state-based public policy organization, CAP does not provide counseling for victim assistance, but does refer local inquiries to appropriate sources.

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