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Mothers of Children Exposed to Porn

My daughter is a victim of of pornography. When she was very small, her real Dad sexually abused her while he was watching a pornographic video. She lost her innocence to her real Dad when he chose to use her for his own self-fulfilling needs. The things he did to her happened while he watched pornography. What did she do to deserve this? She goes through times of depression, confusion, anorexia and guilt.  People say there is no harm to pornography.  I say they are wrong.  


Hi, I have a 15 y/o son who has bi-polar, a history of sexual/mental abuse by his father and a some other mental problems.  I got a computer for our home about a year ago.  Our lives have been hell since we've had this computer because of the porno, and the constant arguments and fights we get into.  If I try to block anything or ground him from the computer, he blows up and sometimes becomes physically threatening towards me.  He admitted to me that he is addicted to porno.  He sees a therapist and I have mentioned this to him. I don't know how bad the addiction is or how violent/severe the porno has gotten.  He really enjoys other things on the computer and he did agree to time limits during the school week.   


I found pornography in my thirteen year old son's bedroom. He has been very withdrawn from his family and friends. I believe that porn has a lot to do with this. 













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